Florida drowning death linked to “metal” album.



Deaths continue as teenagers and now adults listen to metal band “Dethklok”‘s very dangerous music.

The latest victim, Apryl Foster, from Florida, left a bar in Ybor city and drove her car, down a boat ramp, into a lake. Lysa Stephens, Apryl’s friend, is quoted as saying “She just started hanging out with some metalheads she met at work, and they cranked Dethklok all the time.”

Apryl, previously described as a “model citizen”, who had donated both her kidneys and her spleen to the poor, began to change after listening to Dethklok’s music. “She started laughing at retarded kids, flicking animals off, drinking beer and even eating red meat!”, Lysa says.

Police has confirmed that a bootleg CD of Dethklok’s first album “The Dethalbum” was found in the car’s CD player. “This album contains a very dangerous song, called ‘Go Into The Water’, which already has caused several drownings just this year.”, said a Tampa police spokesman.

Dethklok could not be reached for comment.

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