Dilma walks the plank.

The train wreck continues as Brazil’s president loses the first battle in the impeachment process.

Dilma won the last two elections due to the large PT(Worker’s Party=Socialists) vote, whose voter base is the uneducated poor and the faggoty millennials. The common practice of buying votes with cash, or, more often, food, along with blatant fear mongering (lying to the poor, saying the opposition party will cut their benefits. Sound familiar?), assures their voter base’s loyalty.

Only a leftist party can inherit a booming economy and turn it into a fucking recession. Whether actual change takes place remains to be seen. In a country with THIRTY FIVE political parties which range from Communist to “left of center” and a huge number of people depending on government subsidies, major change isn’t likely, but I’ll take what I can get.

The vote now goes on to the Senate. The irony of crooks vehemently denouncing a crook isn’t lost on me, and I’m in favor of instituting the firing squad for government workers convicted of corruption.

Only bad thing is that this will cause the dollar to go down, which is good for the economy but bad for me, since I benefit from a high exchange rate.

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