Nvidia issue after waking from S3 sleep – No 3D acceleration – Fix

So, I got my shiny new laptop (P870KM1-G) and noticed an issue where when it slept overnight (S3) and I woke it up, 3D acceleration (Games, MPC-HC/MadVR) would not work without either a reboot or by disabling/enabling the GTX 1080 in device manager. 

This issue has carried over through various driver upgrades, though I’ll confess I haven’t done a full uninstall/reinstall. 

A bit of poking around, I saw that restarting NVDisplay.ContainerLocalSystem would do the trick. After getting this going, 3D acceleration works fine after waking from S3 and everyone is happy. 

I don’t know if this affects other laptops/desktops or just a quirk on mine, but I figured this would help someone.

Create nvidias3workaround.bat with the following content and stick it somewhere.

net stop NVDisplay.ContainerLocalSystem
net start NVDisplay.ContainerLocalSystem

Create a scheduled task to run this file with “run whether user is logged on or not”, “do not store password”, “run with highest privileges” and “Windows 10”.
In conditions, uncheck “start the task only if on AC power”.
The trigger is:
Begin the task: On an event
Log: System
Source: Power-Troubleshooter
Event ID: 1

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