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Kevin Conner – The little molestee that could not.

Kevin is a little bitch, so once he got shamed on Facebook, he went off to report me. Of course, the limp-wristed cunts at Facebook banned me for another 30 days. I don’t give a fuck, since I’m not some … Continue reading

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Nvidia issue after waking from S3 sleep – No 3D acceleration – Fix

So, I got my shiny new laptop (P870KM1-G) and noticed an issue where when it slept overnight (S3) and I woke it up, 3D acceleration (Games, MPC-HC/MadVR) would not work without either a reboot or by disabling/enabling the GTX 1080 … Continue reading

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Science Quickie: Seedless Fruit

Have you ever wondered about seedless fruit? Indeed, so have I, so I’ve tracked down and interviewed the foremost Fruit Surgeon in the country, Dr. Lee. Here’s a summary of the most important quotes, translated from moonspeak. (more…)

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First woman in Middle-Eastern space program!

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HTTP2 in EA4 – Updated, cleaner process.

Rejoice! Cpanel has moved forward with http2 support and has made it available in their experimental repo, so this project has outlived its usefulness. (more…)

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Magento 2.x and wtf

Seriously? I can only describe my M2 experience as “a fucking nightmare“. 2.0.8 had issues, too, which is why I upgraded to 2.1 in hopes to get away from them. (more…)

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W3 Cache + PHP7 woes.

W3 cache is having issues with PHP7, so I killed it. PHP7+Opcache seems to run well enough without it.

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mod_http2 and Magento 2.0

Took me a couple days to track this down, so, you’re welcome. If you use mod_http2 with Magento 2.x or WHMCS with RCM, you will need to insert H2StreamMaxMemSize 512000 into to your /etc/apache2/conf.modules.d/042_mod_http2.conf, or you will not be able … Continue reading

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Suhosin, PHP 5.6 and EA4

Here’s a working spec file for suhosin and EA4. You’l need to follow some of the basic info in my “http2 and ea4” post to use it. (more…)

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WTF? Ads?

Two reasons: 1 – Curiosity. 2 – Someone needs to pay for cat food. Gonna let them run for a few months and see.

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