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RUMOR: Blog wars peak with blogger’s murder.

Tampa Bay, Florida – Word on the street is that Death Metal Shawn, AKA DMS, the owner of the internationally-acclaimed Fried Chicken and Metal blog, has succumbed to his injuries after being attacked in this latest escalation of online hostilities. … Continue reading

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Leak: McTear getting plea deal

A source close to the prosecutor’s office has leaked details of a possible plea-bargain deal between Richard McTear’s lawyer and the state. (more…)

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Brasil: Censura e o movimento PC

Eu tenho um RSS da Rachel no meu Thunderbird e pensei que tinha um problema com a feed, porque parei de receber links pra os vídeos da única jornalista Brasileira que gostei. (more…)

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NFL handegg draft picks for 2014

Top 10 drafts, team names guessed from really small icons. Team Position (more…)

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New PC movement seeks to rename African nation

San Franscisco, California A new movement has sprung up in the United States which seeks to rename Niger, located in Africa, in order to prevent any potential mispronunciation from offending anyone. (more…)

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Breaking news: Possible Masecliosis vector identified.

The newest case of Masecliosis, a man infected in Florida, has brought compelling new information about this deadly disease. (more…)

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The effects of animals in a country’s economy

According to a new study focused on countries which weathered the global recession better than others, which will soon be published on the Wall Street Journal, animals deeply affect a country’s economy at every level. The study used micro and macro-economic … Continue reading

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IMPORTANT: Masecliosis update

It has come to our scientific matters division that some may be mispronouncing “Masecliosis”. It is pronounced MAH-ZEH-CLEE-OHH-ZIS. (more…)

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Masecliosis: A new, and deadly, disease.

A relatively new viral infection has been identified and is on its way to being seriously studied by medical experts around the world. (more…)

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Somalia expresses intent to move nearer United States

UN Headquarters, NY. Somalia expresses intent to move nearer United States. Dr Elmi Ahmed Duale, Somalia’s UN Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Permanent Representative, issued the following statement during the UN’s last meeting on world hunger: (more…)

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